Starlink GEN 2 Pool Pole Adapter

Starlink GEN 2 Pool Pole Adapter


Made with UV resistant ASA plastic, the GEN 2 Pool Pole Adapter fits onto a standard pool pole enabling you get your dish off the ground and free from obstructions.

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 5 cm
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Hy-Clor 1.2m-3.6m, Spec 3.6m Heavy Duty

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More information about Starlink GEN 2 Pool Pole Adapter

Starlink GEN 2 pool pole adapter is designed to fit the Starlink GEN 2 Satellite Dish onto a standard pool pole.

Two options are available to suit the Speck 3.6m Heavy Duty Pool Pole and the Hy-Clor 1.2m – 3.6m Extension Pole. Both poles are available at bunnings, please follow the links below for your reference.

Manufactured from UV resistant ASA plastic, the Starlink Pool Pole Adapter is built tough for the harsh Australian environment.

Kit includes the pool pole adapter with 2 x M6 bolts.

Note: The pool pole adapter fits onto the handle end of the pole, removal of the plastic handle is required for fitment.


ASA is a highly durable material with exceptional UV, weather, mechanical, and thermal resistance. Its unique combination of properties makes it an ideal material for outdoor structural parts that require long-term exposure in challenging conditions.


ASA offers extraordinary UV, oxidation, and ageing resistance, providing effective protection against breakage and color degradation.


Suitable for outdoor applications and regular structural requirements.


Compared to normal PETG or ABS, ASA remains in shape even at a 100°C.

asa filament

asa filament

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