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CABLE EYE, the Mozzie proof hole in your wall designed to let the data in while keeping the bugs out. suitable for your Caravan, Camper, RV or Motorhome

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Cable Eye, The Simple Solution to Get Your Cable from Inside to Outside.

Designed to be installed in your Caravan, Camper, RV or Motorhome. Cable Eye provides a mozzie proof hole in your wall to run your cable outside to an Antenna or Satellite Dish.

No more running your cable through a window or door. The ‘Eye’ is Specifically designed to fit the Starlink satellite plug and enables you to keep the bugs out while letting the data in.

Made tuff to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Cable Eye’s ABS construction makes it UV and heat resistant. Our integrated rubber seal keeps the water out and our proprietary silicon plug perfectly hugs your cable to ensure no bugs get in.

Installation is simple and only requires a single hole to be drilled, once complete insert cable eye and enjoy.

Cable Eye suits a wall thickness from 19mm to 35mm.

Note: The Starlink cable pictured is not included.


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Dimensions 7 × 6 × 6 cm


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