Starlink Pole Adapter

Starlink Pole Adapter


Our Starlink pole adapters are manufactured from tuff ASA plastic making them UV resistant designed for the harsh Australian environment.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 5 cm
Pole Internal Diameter

Hills Tin Mount – 40mm ID, Hills Gutter Mount – 41.5mm ID, Jonsa Tin Mount – 38mm ID, Custom ID up to 50mm

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More information about Starlink Pole Adapter

The Starlink pole adapter is designed to retro fit your Starlink Gen 2 satellite dish onto a Hills, Jonsa or custom diameter pole.

No more expensive pole adapters required.

Our inserts are manufactured from tuff ASA plastic which offers extraordinary UV, oxidation, and aging resistance.

ASA plastic provides effective protection against breakage and color degradation when used outdoors for long-term purposes.

The standard Starlink pole adapter is available to suit the mounts listed below.

  • Hills FB607042A tin mount (40mm ID)
  • Hills FB607237A gutter mount (41.5mm ID)
  • Jonsa SBS1 Tin Mount (38mm ID)

or tell us the internal diameter of your pole and we’ll manufacture to suit.

For odd sizing up to 50mm ID please select ‘Custom ID’ and let us know the ID of the pole on check out.

For sizing bigger than 50mm ID please contact us with your specifications.

Note: Please double check the inside diameter of your pole before ordering, if you’re unsure please contact us.

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