Hills Antenna 1.8m Tin Tripod Mount


The Hills Antenna 1.8m FB607286 tin tripod mount is suitable for tin roof installations and areas with high wind load speeds.

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The Hills Antenna FB607286 tin tripod mount is suitable for tin roof installations.

Installations that will benefit from using this mount are ones that are faced with issues such as areas with high wind speeds or require extra load bearing capacity due to the weight or size of the antenna.

It is designed for applications such as:
  • Large free-to-air digital television fringe antennas
  • Wireless ISP antennas
  • NBN fixed wireless N5/C3 W60

NBN APL Approved MA-2018-000019

Bracket Plane: Roof
Colour: Silver
Finish: Galvabond
Frame Material: Timber
Length: 1.8
Mount Type: Tripod
Roof Type: Metal Cladding
Warranty: 1

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 180 × 15 × 15 cm


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