5G NR MIMO ECE Panel Antenna


The 5G NR ECE Panel Antenna is a high-gain Industrial Class PIM rated 3G/4G/5G NR & LTE MIMO directional antenna covering 698-4000MHz

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5G NR MIMO ECE Panel Antenna

The 5G NR MIMO ECE Panel Antenna is an Industrial grade directional antenna designed to enhance the performance of a wireless broadband network or cellular device. It covers the full 3G / 4G / 5G NR & LTE bands from  698Mhz to 4000Mhz, to offer future proof compatibility to all Australian mobile network operators.

The 5G NR MIMO ECE Panel Antenna has a compact design with a high gain output making it ideal for wireless broadband solutions, in building mobile coverage and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

This high quality Industrial grade 5G MIMO Panel Antenna is PIM rated to -153dBc @ 2 x 43dBm Carriers making it one of the best in class panel antennas on the market.

The 5G NR MIMO Panel Antenna is supplied as a ready to install kit which includes the antenna, an adjustable tilt pole mounting bracket and 2 x 300mm RG141 semi rigid tails terminated with female N connectors.

5G NR MIMO Features:

Electrical Specifications
  • Model ECE-700/4000-PM
  • Frequency Range:  698-4000Mhz
  • Gain:  6.0dBi @ 698-960Mhz /  8dBi @ 1710-4000Mhz
  • Polarization: ±45°
  • Beam width Horizontal: 73° @ 698-960Mhz / 73° @ 1710-4000Mhz
  • Beam width Vertical:  60° @ 698-960Mhz / 65° @ 1710-4000Mhz
  • Front-To-Back Ratio: 15db @ 698-960Mhz / 25dB @ 1710-4000Mhz
  • VSWR; ≤1.5
  • Isolation:  >20dB @ 698-960Mhz /  >23dB @ 1710-4000Mhz
  • PIM: Carrier( 2 x43dBm) dBc -150
  • Input Power per Port: maximum 100 watts
  • Impedance:  50 ohm
Mechanical Specifications
  • Dimensions:  HxWxD mm (in) 305x186x63(12.0×7.3×2.4)
  • Weight: without Mounting Kit – 0.7kg
  • Radome Material and Colour: ABS, White, RAL7035
  • Mounting Type: Pole Mount
  • Connector Type: 2 x RG141 Semi Rigid tails with 2 x N-Female Connectors
  • Operational Temperature: -55 to +60 deg
  • Operational Humidity:  < 95%
  • Shipping Dimensions: HxWxD  360x210x90 mm
  • Shipping Weight:  0.7kg


ECE LTE Directional Panel Antenna

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 10 cm

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