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Cel-Fi GO Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Mobile Network

The Cel-Fi GO for Telstra Smart Repeater is the ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal within a building. Supporting voice and mobile internet for multiple mobile devices, boosting your indoor mobile coverage has never been easier.


  • Telstra Cel-Fi GO Stationary Model (240V Power Supply)
  • LMR240 x 10m Cable with N-Male to SMA Male Connectors
  • RFI Wide Band Log Periodic Directional Antenna – 700-1000/1500-3000MHz pre-terminated with a 10m RG58 / SMA male cable (LPDA7030-11-10SMA)
  • Commscope Cell-Max™ Omni In-building Antenna, 698–960 MHz and 1710–2700 MHz


Nextivity’s Cel-Fi GO is a one-box indoor coverage solution for Telstra’s Next G® and 4GX networks operating on 3G 850Mhz or 4G 700/1800 bands. It is designed to dramatically boost voice quality and increase data speeds for in building applications.

The Cel-fi GO offers a more flexible installation over other Cel-Fi models due to the ability to run cables to where the signal is needed most. By not having a wireless link between two boxes the GO Stationary unit can operate in areas that are saturated with Wi-Fi.

Cel-Fi GO protects the mobile network in several ways by:

  • continuously monitoring power levels of the cell tower it is connected to and constantly adjusting the Cel-Fi’s output power to suit.
  • only amplifying and disbursing a particular carrier’s mobile signal, operating within a set frequency band.
  • not interfering with the carrier’s network or other users on the network.
  • having a unique installation process to eliminate feedback into the mobile network. Cel-Fi GO is covered by a 24-month warranty.

The Cel-Fi GO Stationary Smart Signal Repeater, the first carrier-class indoor/outdoor cellular coverage solution to feature industry-leading 100dB system gain and Nextivity’s unconditionally network safe guarantee. Cel-Fi GO Stationary leverages the award-winning Intelliboost signal processing to deliver the industry’s largest coverage footprint with the best voice and data wireless performance. Cel-Fi GO Stationary is IP54 rated weather resistant and does not interfere with other wireless devices. This multi-band solution is ideal for use in commercial properties, government buildings, agricultural settings, mining, manufacturing operations, rural areas, businesses, and large homes.

  • 3G / 4G / 4GX Voice and Data
  • Up to 1,400 sq. m. of Coverage
  • Multi-Band Support
  • Indoor / Outdoor IP54 Rated
  • Network Safe


This wide-band log periodic antenna offers high gain directional coverage and is suited to all global cellular and various other wireless network applications. The unique ruggedized diecast aluminium construction ensures optimum performance and reliability in all weather and operating environments.


  • Wideband frequency range
  • Excellent front-to-back ratio
  • Easy installation using the supplied hardware

The LPDA antenna is to be mounted vertically with tilting capability incorporated within the clamping arrangement. Mast mounting hardware is supplied to suit pole diameters of up to 60mm and includes 10 metres of low loss RG58 cable terminated with SMA male connector.


Nominal Gain dBd: 11dBd
Frequency MHz: 700 – 1000 / 1500 – 3000
Tunable Bandwidth: Full band.
VSWR: <2.0:1
Polarisation: Linear
Vertical Beamwidth: 50 (± 5)
Horizontal Beamwidth: 55 (± 5)
Front/Back Ratio dB: 20 dB (± 3 bB)
Power W: 10
Dimensions mm: 1100 x 180 x 60
Length mm: 1100
Weight (kg): 1.85
Termination: 10 meters cable terminated with male SMA connector

Commscope Cell-Max™ Omni In-building Antenna, 698–9 60 MHz and 1710–2700Mhz

Product Classification

Product Type:  In-building antenna

Product Brand:  Cell-Max™

General Specifications

Application:  Indoor
Antenna Type:  Omni
Antenna Array Characteristic  SISO
Polarization:  Vertical
Color:  White
Mounting:  Thru-hole ceiling mount (optional)
Number of Ports:  1
Pigtail Cable:  KSR195, plenum rated
Radome Material:  ABS
RF Connector Interface:  N Female


Height:  85 mm | 3.346 in
Pigtail Length:  315 mm | 12.402 in
Outer Diameter:  186 mm | 7.323 in


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 105 × 25 × 25 cm


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